Countering the Monotony
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Strategic Design. 
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Lineage Coffee Roasters

Product Identity, Packaging, Typography

Savage Race

Discovery, Identity, Art Direction


Discovery, Identity, UI / UX, Motion Graphics, Print

In 2018, MyRadar, one of the world’s most powerful and most popular weather applications approached Counter to help resolve a rather interesting and complicated branding problem.

MyRadar found that the success of their application had overshadowed their product’s brand recognition and that, according to their research, an unusual number of users couldn’t recall the moment they initially installed the application. Thus after time, users had assumed that their favorite weather application was native to Apple’s IOS and not a product produced by the client.

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King Canary Brewing

Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Advent Health w/ Studio Say So

Art Direction, Design, Storyboarding, Typography

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Kindred Optics

Discovery, Naming, Identity, Print, Pattern Font

During a routine eye exam, Art Director Michael Forrest was asked to reimage the branding for the newly aquired, Maitland Vision Center. Our research lead us to believe that the timing was right for not only a new mark but a new name. Through brand discovery and empathy, the name Kindred Optics rose to the top based on the practices familial quality. The mark, inspired by the practice’s mid century modern interior was paired with an easy to use pattern font derived from common optometrical tests.