Project Information

Client — King Canary Brewing Company
Scope — Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2022

Project Description
Counter partnered with King Canary Brewing Co. to design a visual system for their expanding line of beers.The challenge was to preserve the brand's elegance while developing a versatile label system for customization with varying colors and iconic illustrations to embody each beer's unique character. 

Taking inspiration from 19th-century English design and early 1900’s southern aesthetics, we developed a distinctive style rooted in the brewery's North Carolina heritage. The labels, printed on matte metallic BOP paper with semi-transparent white ink created a faux brushed metallic look, stand out beautifully against the aluminum cans and have an elevated presence on the shelf. A robin's egg pattern graces each can design adding an delightful visual element where the white layer appears and disappears as the can turns.

King Canary also asked Counter to create highly illustrated label designs for seasonal and limited edition brews. These novelty label designs broke away from the house packaging system but embodied, in their own way, all of the values and narratives of the brand. Specifically, for the ‘Cuckoo Clock’ IPA we took a stain-glassed / storybook approach of illustrating a golden happy hour surrounded by citrus illustrations and colors. For King Canary’s holiday seasonal brew, we took a painterly approach by illustrating fall foliage, mistletoe and ribbons giving off warm and familiar feelings the season brings to all.

01 – House Brewing Packaging

02 – Limited Edition Packaging

03 — Seasonal / Holiday Canning

Brand Strategy / Project Management — Mike Edwards
Creative Direction / Design — Michael Forrest
Design / Illustration — Jacob Smeraglia
Design / Illustration — Erik McGrew
Design / Illustration — Sean Walsh

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