Project Information

Client — The Usual
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2019

Project Description
"The Usual" was created to provide coffee lovers with a convenient, hassle free way to skip the wait. Our vision for the brand identity was simple and modern, aiming for an elegant, user-centric experience, serving users their favorite coffee, faster. 

Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of a paper receipt, we ensured that every interaction felt intuitive and straightforward.  The logo, with a smiling cup and a 'U' for 'Usual,' captured the app's simple and friendly, ease of use. We optimized the user experience, streamlining the process down from 7 clicks to 2 simple taps. In addition to designing the app interface, a visual design system was created for iconography, packaging, apparel, and merchandise to enhance the overall experience of "The Usual."

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Brand Strategy — Mike Edwards

Creative Direction / Design  — Michael Forrest
Design / Illustration — Mirna Pierre

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