Project Information

Client — Smeraglia Family
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2022

Project Description
Counter was tasked with reimagining the Smeraglia family's e-commerce pet boutique, known as 'Smagdog.' Their goal was to share 35 years of breeding expertise and provide top-tier canine products to a wider pet community. The resulting brand, "Fletch & Lo," pays tribute to two beloved dogs: Fletcher, an English Teddybear GoldenDoodle pioneer, and Lola, one of the earliest Schnoodles, a charming schnauzer-poodle mix.

Our work included strategy, naming, creative direction, brand identity, illustration, and eCommerce design and development. The result is a warm, sophisticated brand that reflects the Smeraglia legacy and their commitment to fostering bonds between dogs and their owners, both online and in their brick-and-mortar retail store.

01 – Overview

02 – Brand Identity 


Logo Marks
Crafting a versatile brand identity for this retail lifestyle brand, we designed a foundation of interconnected parts, with the brand mark as the centerpiece. We opted for an illustration of ‘Fletcher & Lola’ in a regal yet playful stance, sharing a scepter. The illustration style draws inspiration from traditional English aesthetics, aligning with the English Goldendoodle breed.

03 – Visual Design System 


Logo Marks
Building upon the brand mark's foundation, we crafted a comprehensive visual design system. Integrating iconic character illustrations, sophisticated typography, intricate patterns, and a rich color palette, creating the distinct Fletch & Lo brand. This approach ensures a dynamic and coherent system that resonates with audiences both online and in-store.


Brand Strategy — Mike Edwards

Creative Direction — Michael Forrest
Design / Illustration — Val Waters
Web Development – Jon Sheppard

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