Our Studio

Counter is an independent brand studio focused on Strategy, Brand Identity, and Visual Design Systems. We built this studio to serve our clients and their clients. We work for them, understanding successful design serves a purpose beyond ourselves. 

Brands We Serve
Money Group
Texas State University
The New York Yankees
Advent Health
Wakeboarding Magazine
King Canary Brewing Co.
Savage Race
Smeraglia Farms

Friends We Support
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Secret Society Goods
Hellcats USA
Downtown  Credo
CADE Museum
AIGA Orlando
Valencia College

Studio Information
Established — 2018
Location — Orlando, Florida
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We build brands and design systems that are elegant in simplicity, distinct in execution, and clear in transmission. Our team has diverse interests and tastes, bringing a variety of perspectives to our creative process and informing our design principles. Our collective knowledge and experience equips us with a deep understanding of what makes effective design work.

At Counter, work feels like play. And for us, the only rule is work. If you work, it will lead to something. We work hard with our clients, aiming to build brands that move people to feel, know, and act. 

Mike Edwards

Role — Partner, Strategy & Operations
Email — edwards@thisiscounter.com

Social / Etc. — Instagram, LinkedIn

Michael Steven Forrest

Role — Partner, Creative Direction
Email — forrest@thisiscounter.com

Social / Etc. — Instagram, The Nontent

Mirna Pierre

Role — Brand Identity Design
Email — mirna@thisiscounter.com

Social / Etc. — Instagram

Our Design Approach

Our approach is a blend of art-making and problem-solving. We focus on three core elements of brand building: strategy, brand identity, and visual design systems. This strategic emphasis provides us with the knowledge and expertise to assist businesses in creating valuable and effective brands.

01 – Strategy
To be an authority on what we're creating, we have to understand the brand's purpose, values, and personality. This is the foundation for our success, guiding us to make well-informed decisions to achieve our clients goals. How do we do it? We start by asking questions, having conversations, and taking the time to think. From the very beginning, we work to uncover vital information, pinpoint key details, and clarify your team's objectives. Our aim is simple: to ensure our work aligns perfectly with your mission, speaks to your target audience, and highlights your unique value.

→ Discovery (Research / Analysis)
→ Purpose
→ Values
→ Personality
→ Story
→ Positioning

02 – Brand Identity

Designing brand identity is an evolution of the insights and concepts we uncover during our strategy work. This process connects your brand's values with its voice and visuals, resulting in a unique and cohesive brand identity. We meticulously explore every aspect, working to strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. 
The most promising ideas are thoughtfully developed, enriched with depth, layers, and refined details. We leverage elements like typography, color, illustration, texture, and pattern to bring your brand identity to life.

→ Naming
→ Voice & Tone
→ Brand Messaging
→ Logo Design
→ Typography
→ Iconography / Illustration
→ Logo Usage
→ Visual Layout Guidelines
→ Art Direction

03 – Visual Design System
Visual design systems play a vital role in unifying brand identities and ensuring consistency and adaptability across all touchpoints. Once we've defined a brand's unique characteristics, we establish standards, create assets, and document guidelines to facilitate effective collaboration. We prioritize delivering assets that are both user-friendly and meticulously crafted, ensuring they are pixel-perfect and print-ready. A cohesive visual system benefits designers, developers, stakeholders, and ultimately impacts users, clients, and customers.

→ Brand Collateral
→ Print & Packaging
→ Custom Typography
→ Color Palette Definition
→ User Interface (UI) Design Components
→ Imagery and Photography
→ Apparel
→ Signage
→ Wayfinding
→ Fleet / Vehicle Design
→ Branded Environments
→ Motion Graphics
→ Guidelines and Usage Documentation

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