Project Information

Client — Lyft
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2019

Project Description
Counter was enlisted to help design the brand identity and visual design system for Flyte, an innovative open-source platform born from the innovation of Lyft. Flyte's core mission is to simplify the complex world of large-scale data processing, driven by a highly dedicated team.

Flyte is an infinitely scalable and flexible workflow orchestration platform, seamlessly integrating data, machine learning, and analytics stacks for optimal efficiency. What distinguishes Flyte is its exceptional support for custom environments and unwavering commitment to ensuring compute isolation. At the heart of Flyte's accomplishments is an outstanding team dedicated to driving innovation and excellence every step of the way.

01 – Overview

Creative Direction / Design — Matt Yow
Creative Direction / Design — Michael Forrest

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