Craft a versatile and consistent visual design system that evolves with the university's changing needs.

Project Information

Client — Texas State University
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2021

Project Description
Texas State University recently achieved two significant milestones: solidifying its position as a top-tier research institution and nurturing diversity and inclusivity within its expanding student community. The 'TXST NEXT' brand campaign embodies the values of progress, achievement, and innovation. Our objective was to create a distinct visual system to amplify this bold and energetic message.

We began by emphasizing the typographic relationship between 'TXST' and 'NEXT,' forming the basis for versatile lock-ups. Next, we developed secondary design elements, with color pairings, pattern systems, image effects, textures, typographic hierarchy, and layout systems to enhance the utility and flexibility. This adaptable design system is used across diverse marketing materials, spanning digital media, advertisements, signage, executive communications, and student acceptance letters. 

01 – Overview

02 – Brand Identity


Flexible  Logo  Marks
The logo marks for this brand campaign were a bit unorthodox. Our goal was to design an adaptable identity that could flex, scale, and fit different mediums as needed. As a result, we created two primary lockups of ‘TXST NEXT’ contained within color boxes and other variations of the mark that were not.
This flexibility of the logo marks led to a vibrant library of patterns and borders. 'TXST NEXT' could be repeated, multiplied, and layered in various ways. This modular approach enabled the Marketing team to create a wide spectrum of deliverables from pencils to lanyards, backdrops, bandanas, etc.

03 – Illustration


Illustrative Style
In the process of creating this brand, we decided to illustrate ‘TXST NEXT’ in a playful typographic style, drawing inspiration from the campus' architectural features, inside jokes, and the spirit of the student body.
Each poster depicted 'TXST NEXT' using local references, such as graffiti on traffic-congested trains (a familiar frustration for every late student), cut paper flags reminiscent of Papel Picado art, or in the form of inner tubes floating down the San Marcos river.

04 – Animation Concepts


After creating these energetic but static patterns we imagined these brand assets coming to life in the form of movement. These concepts display a variety of lockups moving about the screen, ideas brought to life with the assistance of animator Ethan Fowler.

Thank you Elias!


Brand Strategy / Project Management – Mike Edwards
Creative Direction / Design — Michael Forrest
Design — Mirna Pierre
Design / Illustration — Sean Walsh
Design / Illustration — Erik McGrew
Design / Illustration — Joe Chisenall
Animation — Ethan Fowler
Printed Materials / Apparel / Signage  Application — TXST Marketing & Communications
Photography — TXST Marketing & Communications

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