Embody the vibrant and whole-hearted mission of 'Stronger Together' — spreading some much needed joy through playful design.

Project Information

Client — PepsiCo
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2022

Project Description
Amid a global pandemic, PepsiCo introduced 'Stronger Together' to offer meaningful help and spread some much-needed joy. As the initiative reached billions worldwide, it became clear that a distinct and lively identity was needed. 'Stronger Together' is more than just a catchphrase; it's an invitation for people to unite, support those in need, and affect real change. Our challenge was to capture the vibrancy, openness, and whole-heartedness of this mission through a new Brand Identity and Visual Design System.

Collaborating with PepsiCo Design + Innovation, we integrated geometric and organic forms within a structured design framework. Here we paired functional, highly legible typefaces with more expressive and bold specimens. Authenticity was key in our photography choices, featuring real people with personality and a full spectrum of color. Our icons drew inspiration from the initiative’s new logo – creating a clear visual connection – while patterns added a punch of energy. With this refreshed look, 'Stronger Together' enhanced its character, depth, and dimension to better connect with and inspire more people.

01 – Overview

02 – Design Specifications


Logo Marks / Color
The PepsiCo Stronger Together logo marks were constructed to be pixel-perfect with a calculated amount of clear space. This maintains quality and visibility, especially when in use by vendors and co-creators with various levels of experience.

 Pattern & Brush Library
The use of patterns played a major role in the design aesthetic. We created a comprehensive pattern and brush library using geometric and organic shapes. These patterns are used as backgrounds for print and digital materials and the brushes serve as frames and borders for social media content.

Typography // Iconography  
Effective brand identity systems use thoughtfully selected typography. We carefully chose a diverse range of Display, Text, and Monospaced fonts and established guidelines for their use. Additionally we developed an iconography style complementary to the brand identity and selected typefaces.

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Brand Strategy / Project Management — Mike Edwards
Creative Direction / Design — Michael Forrest
Design — Michael Cina
Design — Mirna Pierre

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