Differentiate MyRadar to enhance brand recognition and create a distinct brand experience to resonate with users.

Project Information

Client — MyRadar
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — In Production

Project Description
MyRadar, a widely popular weather app, faced a unique brand challenge due to its association with Apple's iOS. Counter was brought in to revamp MyRadar's brand identity and create a unified visual design system. The primary goal was to differentiate MyRadar from the native iOS weather application and enhance brand recognition amongst users.

Our process began with deep research to define MyRadar's core values and establish a more humanized brand persona. We painstakingly crafted a modern but approachable friendly brand identity that honored their mission of being the most accurate, most hyper-local weather application on the planet.The project extended beyond UI / UX design to include print materials, vehicle designs, and the redesign of their daily weather broadcasting service. Our work resulted in a distinct MyRadar brand identity that no longer resembled the native iOS app, effectively aligning with the brand's mission, resonating with users, and allowing MyRadar to stand out in a growing and competitive landscape.

01 – Overview

02 – Brand Identity & Visual Design System


Logo Marks / App Icon
The MyRadar logo was designed to make a lasting impact as a unified whole and as separate components. As a mobile app icon, it needed to grab attention on users home screens, while the wordmark had to establish its presence within the app, in print materials, and in videos.The icon depicts a user's position relative to an approaching storm. The color bands represent varying weather intensities, drawing from the entire radar color spectrum. The logotype, made from a modified typeface, is confident, friendly, and tech oriented.


Curating a highly legible and well organized typographic system for MyRadar was not only essential for handling the application's various data-intensive content but also critical for effectively communicating life-threatening information.Counter selected Montserrat, an open-sourced typeface designed by Julieta Ulanovsky for it’s multilingual capabilities, crisp legibility at small sizes, complimentary geometry of the branding and versatility in font weights.


Color for Brand and Weather Data 
MyRadar's color palette extended beyond the traditional core brand colors. Our tasks included addressing color contrast for accessibility compliance, establishing distinct color designations for radar weather intensity, creating patent-pending cloud coverage and blue sky depictions, and defining and assigning colors for a wide spectrum representing global temperatures.


User Interface Design
Following the creation of a new brand identity for MyRadar, we were asked to reimagine the weather application for both iPhone and iPad. This initiative was spearheaded by a strategic process focused on identifying strengths and weaknesses in the interface design, as well as evaluating the user journey and experience.
This reimagining involved presenting various data types in a more organized manner and devising innovative methods for visualizing complex weather information.


Iconography / Illustration
Given the dark UI theme and the requirement to present detailed data in limited space, we chose to craft outlined icons for weather forecasts to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance, avoiding distractions from full-color alternatives.Our illustrations served various purposes, from staff portraits to subscription animations. They maintain a geometric design with subtle organic elements, resulting in a simplified and uncluttered appearance. We utilized solid tonal shifts to convey depth, light, and shadow.

03 – Guidance


Brand & Broadcasting Guidelines
Guidance encompassed all aspects of the brand, from typography in print, digital, and UX/UI, to iconography covering weather forecasts, alerts, and system icons. Our redesign of the MyRadarTV Broadcast system centered on establishing design principles for decluttering and simplification, leading to a more adaptable and flexible broadcast system.


Brand Strategy / Project Management — Mike Edwards
Creative Direction / Design — Michael Forrest
UI / UX — Rob Dosier
Illustration — Chaz Russo
Animation — Studio Say So
Animation — Beau Wingfield 
Web Development — John Sheppard

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