Project Information

Client — Curious
Scope — Brand Identity / Visual Design System
Date Completed — 2022

Project Description
Counter was asked to improve Curious's brand identity. This brand aims to inspire and boost creativity for individuals and groups. Our main goal was to infuse the brand with a sense of playfulness and give it a distinctive personality. To achieve this, we introduced custom illustrations that feature a crafty raccoon, refreshed the typography, and an updated the color palette. In addition to these visual enhancements, we expanded the brand's presence with a collection of apparel and a variety of merchandise including stickers and enamel pins. This expansion was accompanied by fresh brand messaging, challenging others to chase wonder and discovery.

01 – Overview

02 – Brand Identity


Logo Marks / Color
We created a straightforward, adaptable brand system for ‘Curious’. Consisting of the word mark 'Curious' as the primary logotype, three versions of the wordmark with a raccoon in varying positions, and a primary version featuring only the raccoon head along with the word mark. This provided the client a flexible set of branding elements to use in different contexts and layouts. The  color palette features bright and bold yellow and blue hues, symbolizing the warmth of a summer day, while purple embodies the ambition and energy of a creative spirit, and black and white are inspired by the raccoon's natural colors


Typography / Iconography
This brand’s typographic and iconographic languages needed to feel as playful and creative as the brand’s visual and verbal identity.  Both needed to feel as if they were handmade — just like the activitles and creative prompts Curious would send it’s participants.
The visual identity mirrors the DIY, creative spirit of the brands offerings. Both the typography and iconography were curated and designed to evoke a sense of playfulness and creativity, aligning seamlessly with the brand's overall visual and verbal identity. The intention was to imbue these elements with a handmade quality, perfectly mirroring the hands-on and creative nature of the activities and prompts that Curious provides.


Brand Strategy — Mike Edwards

Creative Direction — Michael Forrest
Design / Illustration — Val Waters
Design / Illustration — Mirna Pierre

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