Our Studio

We are a small and mighty brand focused design studio located in Orlando, FL. We believe that design serves a purpose beyond ourselves and our aim is to build brands and visual systems that are elegant in their simplicity, distinct in their execution and clear in their communication. 

Brands We Serve(d)
Advent Health
Money Group
Texas State University
The New York Yankees
Savage Race
Wakeboarding Magazine
The King Canary Brewing Co.
Smeraglia Farms

Friends We Support
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Secret Society Goods
Downtown Credo Coffee
Hellcats USA
AIGA Orlando
Valencia College

Studio Information
Established — 2018
Location — Orlando, Florida
Team Size – 3

Our team is focused in the areas of brand strategy, brand identity, brand governance and visual design systems. Our collective experience and knowledge of how brands operate and communicate effectively enables us to address complex challenges that a wide variety of businesses and organizations face. Our individual interests and visual tastes are as diverse as they are informed. This allows for a dynamic, well-rounded creative process.

Counter is an excuse for us to play. To be curious and ask why not? We are lovers of research, meticulous, detail-oriented and optimistic. We’re willing to argue on principle and are flexible – not on or values. We work hard for our clients and are satisfied when our work, works.

Mike Edwards

Role — Partner, Strategy & Operations
Email – edwards@thisiscounter.com
Instagram, LinkedIn

Michael Steven Forrest

Role — Partner, Strategy & Operations
Email – edwards@thisiscounter.com
Instagram, LinkedIn

Mike Edwards

Role — Partner, Strategy & Operations
Email – edwards@thisiscounter.com
Instagram, LinkedIn

Our Design Approach

Our approach is a blend of art making and problem-solving. We try to take a beginner's mind to new projects, that we may eliminate biases and embrace the unknown. We create an environment that nurtures ideas and inspiration, guiding them to ________possibilities and their(?) fullest expression. We're here to help your brand shine, not as a reflection of us, but as a beacon of unique identity and purpose.

01 – Strategy
In order to be an authority on what we’re creating, we have to understand the purpose, values, and personality of a brand. This sets the foundation for success by helping us understand and make informed decisions to reach our goal(s). How do we do it? Mostly questions, conversations and time to think. From the start we work to uncover critical information, find important details and clarify objectives. We want to ensure our work aligns with your mission, target audience, and distinct value.

→ Client Familiarity
→ Research
→ Interviews
→ Audits
→ Analysis
→ Definition

02 – Brand Identity

Designing Brand Identity builds on the words and ideas uncovered during Strategy. The bridge from values to visuals give shape to your brand, creating work that is integrated and potent. We explore, discover, and refine every design element working to find balance in beauty and functionality. Our most promising ideas get developed further. We add depth, layers, and refine details like colors, textures, and patterns. These visuals allow you to envision the final product.

→ Client Familiarity
→ Research
→ Interviews
→ Audits
→ Analysis
→ Definition

03 – Visual Design System
Visual Design Systems harmonize a brand's identity, ensuring it remains consistent and adaptable across all touch points. This simplifies ongoing design work, boosting efficiency and brand unity. Once we uncover the brand's essence and core characteristics, we breathe life into them, adding layers, depth, and meticulous details to create better means of making. Our commitment to craft and quality guides us. We manage production and collaborate with trusted partners to deliver user-friendly.

→ Logo Identity Design
→ Brand Color Definition
→ Corporate Typography
→ Visual Style Alignment
→ Iconography
→ Layout and Composition
→ Brand Guidelines

Photography — Patrick Michael Chin
Website Development — Daniel Anan

Case Studies

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