Discovery, Identity, UI / UX, Motion Graphics, Print

In 2018, MyRadar, one of the world’s most powerful and most popular weather applications approached Counter to help resolve a rather interesting and complicated branding problem.

MyRadar found that the success of their application had overshadowed their product’s brand recognition and that, according to their research, an unusual number of users couldn’t recall the moment they initially installed the application. Thus after time, users had assumed that their favorite weather application was native to Apple’s IOS and not a product produced by the client. 

Counter was asked to elevate the name and branding of the app through a myriad of design deliverables lead by a comprehensive brand persona process. The results of our research lead to a new corporate identity and app icon which personified the app’s motivation of creating ground breaking technology that, at the end of the day, exists to keeps their user’s ahead of the storm.

This rebrand required more than a new logotype and app icon. It required a completely reimagined brand ecosystem with deliverables such as printed corporate collateral, corporate vehicle designs, collaborating with Studio Say So to create an extensive motion graphics package and flexible broadcast design system for their MyRadarTV Youtube channel, and finally, an evolution of the MyRadar application’s user interface.

MyRadar has continued to entrust Counter with solving complicated design problems on a wide range of mediums. While we are constantly collaborating with the client in visualizing complex weather data or creating sensible, easy to navigate user experiences, we have created and are continuing to evolve an extensive set of guidelines which keep all branded, motion / video and user interface related deliverables in check and on point.